A Kalstein universe inside the lab

9 diciembre, 2017

Microtubes are a small friend inside the laboratories, low cost but of great importance. This small cylindrical plastic container, with a conical bottom and a lid attached to the body of the tube to prevent detachment, is used for several things in a laboratory.

In fact, they are used extensively in molecular biology and biochemistry not only for centrifugation, but because of their low cost, are often used as simple containers of chemical substances.

In the case of blood and serum samples stored in laboratories, microtubes are the ideal disposable elements. These vessels are useful in centrifugation processes, boiling samples, different types of research and more. Kalstein products guarantee that you don’t have to worry about storing samples in your laboratory any more. Can you imagine a leak-free, evaporative-free workflow? You can stop imagining it because we are making it happen for you, with the purchase of these microtubes.

In case you are wondering about the material of these tubes, they are disposable polypropylene microtubes, which means that this main material of tubes is a thermoplastic that has high temperature resistance due to its melting point of 130 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the models we offer at Kalstein are ultra-clear plastic microtubes.

This means that the storage of these items will not be a problem for those who handle the samples and have to pass them through a laboratory through inspections. With this feature, you will have a great view of your samples without having to open the lid, thus avoiding contamination. Tempting, isn’t it?


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